We are a yoga studio and retreat space situated in the centre of the Indonesian paradise island Gili Air, we'll be offering drop in yoga classes, workshops, creative events, a whole foods café and accommodation.

We also plan to offer appropriate facilities for digital nomads visiting the Gilis such as excellent wifi, plentiful power points, good coffee and a range of seating choices to make co working a comfortable option with us.

Talk to us about retreat, training, conference or event venue hire. We provide the perfect backdrop for you to host your own yoga, personal development, corporate or creative happening. We hope to welcome you in the future to create, play, flower and transform.

The space

Flowers and Fire Yoga Garden blends traditional Javanese artisanal teak details with local bamboo and ulang ulang style structures. This has created an intimate and magical space which maximizes interaction with the beautiful surrounding environment. Our two yoga studios, cafe and accommodations open out onto our gardens allowing a seamless indoor/outdoor experience. This reflects our site specific design principles. These principles have meant that we preserved existing trees and created our buildings around them. Our magnificent mango tree holds space at the centre of everything.

Our studios

Situated on the second floor of the main building our large L shaped Open Air Yoga Studio provides you with 360 degree village and tree top views.
Our 50 square meter Mango Studio is also open air and situated in our gardens looking onto our majestic mango tree. Curtained by mosquito nets you can enjoy the garden view and fresh air without the mosquitoes enjoying you!

Yoga Classes

At Flowers and Fire we offer a range of class levels and workshops to accommodate all levels of experience. Our beginner classes are designed to set up a strong foundation for your future yoga journey while our advanced classes support the extension of your existing practice through the space of your edge.

With an emphasis on embodied, dymanic yoga embedded in philosophical expositions- we aim to guide your mind and spirit as well as your body through asana, facilitating a sense of expansion, deep connection and relaxation on all levels.

Our Hatha/Vinyasa style yoga combines traditional breath centered approaches, somatic mindfulness and modern creative sequencing. Our classes will give you the space to fall deeply into embodied awareness- transforming contracted physical and mental habits into increasingly fluid, ease filled and blissful experiences.


Flowers & Fire Gili Air Yoga Classes timetable
Flowers & Fire Yoga Classes description

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1 class 120 000 IDR
4 class pack 420 000 IDR
6 class pack 600 000 IDR
Daily double 200 000 IDR (2 classes in one day taken by one yogi)
Kitas holder 60 000 IDR

Locals 25 000 IDR

Workshops and Events

The infinite Body: Bones, skin and stardust with live music
April 7th 2019 - with Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway

Nothing in the world is fixed or static, there are no straight lines in the universe. Everything is moving in a constant wave motion ~ from one atom vibrating to the great swirl of the galaxies. When we move with this level of awareness we start to feel that the body is the link to the whole universe and practices centred around the body are a gateway towards experiencing that flow of nature inside.

Through this spiralling, mandala vinyasa masterclass, with live sound vibrations, you are invited to embody the great truth that what is what is out there, exists also inside. Breath, blood, muscles and bone are of the earth; they are the air, rivers, animals and minerals inside, not separate to, but the same.

By meditating on the body as nature, our attention is drawn to the foundations of existence and our place within the cosmos. This full-spectrum journey, incorporating energising vinyasa, slow-motion simmering and yin-full surrender, is a call for conscious connection with ourselves, and the world around us.

Sound & Soul Concert
April 7th 2019 - with Lara Zilibowitz & Benny Holloway

Make yourself comfortable, close your eyes… listen, feel, receive…

Join Benny and Lara for a celebration of life through sound. Unifying our hearts and our voices through bhakti yoga, kirtan and powerful sound meditation.

Be prepared to lose yourself and in doing so find yourself so completely as you are saturated by an ocean of sonic vibration layered with soaring vocals and live electronic looping of acoustic and electric guitar.

This unique sonic experience is an invitation to simply sit back and receive, giving full permission for any memories or emotions to arise alongside the stirring melodies, and to be washed away by the tide of your exhale breath.

Lara Zilibowitz is an internationally touring yoga teacher and artist with a long-standing passion for creative expression through the body. Movement and creativity have been her medicine in her own quest towards health and she revels in the opportunity to share this inner alchemy with students.

Lara is co-founder of Back2Roots Retreats and senior assistant of vinyasa trailblazer Shiva Rea. She has become renowned for her fluid and dynamic teaching style delivered with heartfelt poetic prose, inviting students to savour the texture of every sensation and the flavour of every breath as a portal into revelation and moving meditation.

Benny Holloway is a soulful soundophile and self-taught artist based out of Byron Bay, Australia.

Through live electronic looping and weaving his voice with guitar he creates psychedelic ambient sound baths encouraging the listener on a compelling introspective journey.

His stirring and evocative tones are like sonic acupuncture, penetrating the densest layers of body and mind to encourage that deeper state of inward connection.

Together, Lara and Benny travel the world sharing their mutual passion for medicine through breath, sound, creativity and movement.


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Building the Warrior Heart with Ana and Jose Weekend Workshop series
September 6th - 8th 2019

Ana and Jose from Forrest Yoga

For over the last four decades, Ana Forrest has been bringing her particular brand of fierce medicine to the yoga world. An internationally recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, Ana created Forrest Yoga while working through healing from her own life’s trauma and experience. Ana weaves Native American ceremony into her classes and workshops, calling on the forces that helped her heal from an abusive and challenging childhood.

Her co-director of Forrest Yoga Jose Calarco also comes from a long history with shamanism and healing – just in a different sphere, that of music and the performing arts and brings his decades of experience in musical direction to the Forrest Yoga workshops and classes.

Forrest Yoga is renowned as a powerfully physical, internally focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life. Ana and Jose are at the forefront of the Yoga world, guiding its future and evolution, making Yoga a complete evolutionary experience.


Please join us on our paradise island Gili Air for this transformative 3 workshop weekend series -Building the Warrior Heart.

With Forrest Yoga’s heart-opening asanas, you learn to breathe in a way that opens your core and gives the heart the support and counsel of the rest of the primary charkas. Learn to remove the emotional shielding from your heart so it can truly and honestly feel each new experience afresh.

This helps your heart and Spirit be more resilient, flexible and adept at surfing emotional waves. Begin building skill in accessing, cleansing and resolving emotional issues and move them out of the cell tissue, thus freeing your heart. This makes room for seeing and absorbing the beauty and sweetness in our world, which nourishes the heart.

Suitable for all levels


Running over 3 days - come and expand your warrior heart in paradise!

Friday September 6th 6pm-8.30pm
Saturday September 7th 9.30am-12pm
Sunday September 8th 9.30am-12pm


Super Early Bird special bundle- first 10 reservations $150
Single workshop US $65
Workshop bundle US $180
Early bird bundle US $160 (valid until July 6th 2019)

Please email us for more information or to find out more about including these workshops in an accommodation/retreat package.

Super Early Bird Special-FIRST 10 BOOKINGS ONLY
Building the Warrior Heart- Weekend Workshop Series

Venue Hire

Looking for the perfect space for your next retreat, training, conference or event?

Gili Air’s lack of motorized vehicles, easy barefoot lifestyle, stunning warm waters and snorkeling/dive sites, provides a wonderful backdrop for yoga, personal development, corporate or creative trainings and retreats. Offering competitive rental rates and attention to detail in facilities and services, Flowers and Fire Yoga Garden Gili Air is an intimate and perfect venue to host you and your guests.

Our retreat packages all include daily breakfast buffet, refill drinking water, daily fresh fruit and tea, yoga mats and props, access to our audio/visual display facilities, use of the pool, studio usage. We also have a range of different catering packages.

Take advantage of our retreat consultation service informed by years of experience running and facilitating retreats on and off the island. We have a good sense of what works well in this setting; let us guide you through the Gilis. With an abundance of additional local activities available to enrich your program we would love to help you design a magical retreat, colored in with all the wonderful things the island and region has to offer.

Please email us at flowersandfireyoga@gmail.com if you would like us to send you our retreat brochure and pricing information.

Our Team

Emily Christian Teacher & Creative Director

Emily Christian

As an artist and yoga practitioner I have always been interested in the relationship between creativity, mindfulness and the body. Through my own studies and practice I have explored both creativity and the healing arts in a wide variety of areas, from textiles, performance, pedagogy, art and filmmaking to yoga, massage and meditation.

As a teacher and creative director of flowers and fire, my aim is to weave together the disciplines of yoga, meditation and creative manifestation to support the transformative journey towards a more graceful, mindful and creative state of well-being.


Full bio coming soon...


Full bio coming soon...

The Island Gili Air

With aqua waters, stunning diving, and perfect viewing for sunset AND sunrise, Gili Air is an island paradise with many activities to enrich your stay with us.

These include walking, snorkeling, dozing on white sands, boat trips, swimming, paddle boarding, star light dining and dancing. Opportunities abound to engage with this beautiful island.

With no motorized vehicles-cars or scooters to disturb the peace, Gili Air truly is a wonderful space to open up your senses and go into deep presence!