Flowers & Fire Yoga Yoga Garden – Gili Air

Retrieving the Divine Feminine Retreat

June 8th– 14th 2020

Come and join us on the paradise island of Gili Air, for a week of exploration using the body and its creative expression, to return to the wholeness of life and our connection to ‘all’ in this sacred women’s retreat.

On this retreat we will start to embody this wholeness through transformational asana, storytelling, meditation, breath-work, dance, visualization, creative art making, ritual, creating community, nourishing whole foods, and merging with ocean and land. Through these practices we will explore the different aspects of ‘The Goddess’ and express these creatively. The more we learn to allow the divine feminine to be expressed through us, the more empowered we become to co-create with her the rich, connected, heart filled and magically abundant reality our soul yearns for.


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Story Telling Evening and Workshop with Chardi Christian-Fundraising Events for WIRES, Supporting Aussie Wildlife in the Bushfires

Stories that talk about what is essential, what is at the core of life, what happens when you lose everything but the very marrow and how to find your way back.

Join us for a series of fundraising events offering a pathway into the collective wisdom drawn from the mythic worlds of story.

Down to the Bones
Chardi will be performing and work-shopping stories and myths from around the world, exploring the function of story to connect us with our deepest essence, our soul life.

Date: January 25th

Time: 7pm-8.40pm

Price: Donation fee entry price

Telling Stories
A storytelling workshop exploring the art of storytelling, how to find your inner story and connect to your voice.

Date: January 26th

Time: 11.30am-2.30pm

Price: 200 000 IDR

Inspired by story, myth, archetypal image and the inner drama of the unconscious, Chardi Christian has been working with women doing deep soul work since the early 90s, running divine feminine workshops using art and story to reclaim connection with soul life. She is also a published author, shamanic artist and one of Australia’s leading storytellers.

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Valentines Day Vinyasa & Brunch

February 14th 2020

Take yourself out for a special date on Valentine’s Day to Flowers and Fire’s Celebration of love!
We would love to invite you to join us for a Valentine’s day celebration of love in all its forms, at Flowers and Fire. The celebration of love will start with a morning Vinyasa class where we will contemplate and activate Anahata energy centre, our Heart Chakra. We then will gather in company for a family brunch with a vegan buffet of food all prepared with love! Come and join our Valentine gang with your partner, friend or beautiful self and have a chat and a giggle with other lovely souls on this auspicious day of connection.

Price: 180 000 IDR per person (yoga and brunch)
Date: 14th February 2020
Time: 9.30 for yoga, brunch from 11.15 am.


Photo: @asanavanessa

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Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Dylan Ayaloo

March 7th – 15th 2020

Want to take your yoga practice to the next level? Transport and expand your life to the new found levels of power, joy, happiness and live your true purpose in this lifetime with Dylan Ayaloo’s Advanced Teacher Training at Flowers and Fire Yoga – Gili Air, Indonesia. You’ll leave a yoga leader who harnesses and brings positive change to both your life and the planet.

This program will transform your life as a powerful human being, inspiring heartfelt yoga teacher and advanced practitioner. Take your yoga practice to the next level, transform and expand your life to new found levels of power, joy, happiness, and live your true purpose in this lifetime. You’ll leave a yoga leader who harnesses and brings positive change to both your life and the planet.

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Silent Disco Ecstatic Dance-Enter your own world of music

January 2tth  7.00pm – 8.30pm,

Join Sherri Roth as she facilitates an ecstatic dance session using silent disco headset technology to support a deep dive, immersive experiences for all participants.

Sherri intends to curate a movement journey that will focus on experiencing rhythm, freedom of movement and an intuitive state to enable expression. You will be led into a dance meditation, letting the music match your vibration. This improvised movement will allow you to let go and immerse yourself in moment to moment expression of feelings and the revelations which emerge.

As we merge into the groups shared energy we become energized, we re de-fine and separate from the ego. We start to Discern more clearly, the energy of our bodies and the relation to the energy of the surrounding space.

Sherri offers you an opportunity to use this form of dancing to express your identity as soul moving through a body. An opportunity to let go and step into the flow and Rhythm of this life.

Price: 120 000 IDR
80 000 IDR  local island expats

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HeartGlow Yoga Retreat with Kelli Prieu

June 21st – 27th 2020

Join Kelli Prieur from HeartGlow Yoga at Flowers & Fire Yoga Garden for a week of body, mind, and soul unwinding, journeying into your most relaxed self. With two daily HeartGlow Yoga practices and completely free time in between to soak up the easy barefoot living of Gili Air with its exquisite white sand beaches, translucent aquamarine water, stunning sunsets, snorkelling, scuba, surf, and zero hustle!

Drawing from the combination of years of training along with her deep well of life experience, and a willingness to be authentic and vulnerable, sharing where she’s stumbled and what she’s learned along the way, her classes are a one of a kind experience.

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Yoga Classes

At Flowers and Fire we offer a range of class levels and workshops to accommodate all levels of experience - from first-timers to experienced yogi’s and yogini’s.

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