Flowers & Fire Yoga Yoga Garden – Gili Air

Our Vision

Our vision is to facilitate the emergence of a beautiful, inclusive haven where people can relax, recharge, regenerate, reflect and nourish themselves with the simple pleasures of good food, good company, good reads, and movement.

Coming Home

Of the many wonderful things that yoga can bring to our lives, community is a big one. As centre creator, I want to provide a community home space where we can feel safe to be authentic in relationship to one another and where people are welcome to explore a little of what lies beyond their everyday ego mask to come closer to finding home in themselves.

Our Philosophy

The core existential concepts informing the teachings at the centre come out of a non-dualistic, tantric lineage that conceives of the material world and the body as expressions of divine consciousness. The spiritual journey is essentially a journey of integrating and embodying all aspects of the human experience, thereby coming home to the divine truth of our nature.

Our Methodology

Our methodology, however, is to represent and convey the essence of yogic principle informed by this lineage without getting stuck in dogma. In so doing, illumination becomes available through a multitude of conceptual and physical vehicles and forms. Our belief is that it does not dilute or corrupt tradition by releasing attachment to  convention – rather it allows us to come closer to the heart and core of the numerous destinations which spiritual philosophies point us towards.

‘Be a light unto thyself.’

Buddha’s last message to his disciples has been echoed by seminal spiritual teachers throughout time. Whatever story it takes to illuminate the path within is valid if it has the capacity to bring you home to wholeness.

Core Values

While our own philosophy and the emergence of the centre is continuously evolving, the values that are consistently precious to us (and which we would feel deeply fulfilled if our centre promoted) would be: Love, Inclusivity, Kindness, Generosity, Community, Learning, Expansion, Curiosity, Passion, Exploration, Creativity, Growth, Family.

Social Impact

We function with a vision for the larger whole rather then just for ourselves. In recognition of the wonderful opportunities that have allowed us to set up our centre in the region, we are committed to contributing to initiatives that support the local community and promote sustainability practices.

The Larger Community

Our aim is to seed innate talents and support members of the larger community who have reduced access to development opportunities. We’re exploring different ways to do this such as:

· Supporting existing educational initiatives in the region, such as the Pelita Foundation.

· Promoting ethical pay structures, inspiring working conditions and ongoing professional development for our staff.

· Supporting and developing local microbusinesses and budding entrepreneurs through product/skills development and the creation of an ethical marketplace for products sold and promoted at the centre.

· For the centre to serve as a platform to support and develop local microbusinesses and budding entrepreneurs, where impact shoppers and tourists can support local innovation.


We are a proud member of BGreener and reducing waste is big on our sustainability agenda.

· With no single-use takeaway containers, plastic bottles or bags provided at the centre we aim to reduce the waste that we generate as a business.

· As a ‘Refill My Bottle’ station, we heartily support island-wide initiatives to reduce the use of plastic water bottles.

· Our organic waste is up-cycled into compost for our edible permaculture garden. These gardens are now managed and maintained by our wonderful staff team after an inspiring series of training sessions by Lombok-based team Bakti Boemi.

Space and Design Principles

Our two yoga studios, café and accommodations open out onto our garden, allowing a seamless indoor/outdoor experience. We have preserved all existing trees and created our buildings around them, blending traditional Javanese artisanal teak details with local bamboo and ulang ulang style structures. Our magnificent mango tree holds space at the centre of everything.

Yoga Studios

Our bamboo Treehouse Studio is an L-shaped open air shala situated on the second floor on top of the main building, providing you with 360-degree village- and tree-top views. Our smaller Mango Studio is also open air, looking straight out onto our majestic mango tree and situated next to our permaculture garden and chatting pool.

Our Name

The name Flowers & Fire came to me during a meditation. I was in India at the time, intent on my morning practice, when a vision of a flaming Shiva with an overlay of white flowers floating through the air came to me. It was an image of momentous power and delicate beauty. I’ve reflected on its meaning a lot since then and espoused on the significance of flowers and fire as they manifest alone and together. When looking to name the centre here on Gili Air the memory of the meditation came to me. Flowers and fire are at the centre of Hindu offering and ritual. Everywhere you go in Bali you see little baskets with flowers and burning incense laid out for the gods. It seemed an appropriate honoring of yoga’s cultural origins. The name Flowers & Fire evokes a vivid image which is accessible to everyone.

Yoga Classes

At Flowers and Fire we offer a range of class levels and workshops to accommodate all levels of experience - from first-timers to experienced yogi’s and yogini’s.

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