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Current Pricing

Drop in classes: 140,000 IDR
3 Class Pass: 390,000 IDR
4 Class Pass: 500,000 IDR
5 Class Pass: 600,000 IDR
10 Class Pass: 1,100,000 IDR
Daily Double: 260,000 IDR
Kitas Holder/Indonesian Citizen: 90,000 IDR
Gili Resident 10 Class Pass: 700,000 IDR

Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a form of dynamic yoga where we follow the breath through different sequences of yoga postures. These classes are strong, challenging and fast-paced – transitioning fluidly between shapes. Emphasising the movement between poses as much as the poses themselves, Vinyasa is a great way to clear internal blockages, increase mindfulness, energise and strengthen your physical and energetic systems, and find a centre of calm within intensity. A great way to start the day.

Morning Progressive Vinyasa Series

Our weekly series takes you on a journey through the chakras (energy centres in the body) with each day focusing on a different chakra, its corresponding element and body part. These classes can be done on their own or as a progressive series to clear blockages, increase mindfulness, and energise and strengthen your physical and energetic systems.

Muladhara Earth Foundations

Earth focuses on strengthening our base – our root chakra and foundations. With an emphasis on alignment and bandha activations (muscular activations around a joint complex), we create strength, stability and grounding in our foundations to support a safe and easeful practice.

Svadhisthana Water Hips

Focusing on the potent lifeforce energy stored in our hips and the element of water, we play with creative, smooth, graceful and fluid movements to release contractions and blockages in our energetic pathways and recirculate our prana through our physical and subtle body systems. Wonderful for releasing & reclaiming the energy of stored emotions and stresses.

Manipura Fire Core

Focusing on our core and the element of fire, in this class we will activate our fire body to support, energize and lighten our physical body as we move through strong, core-centered asanas. Great for creating deep strength, determination and an ability to move from centre.

Anahata Air Heart

Focusing on the element of air, we become conscious of the animating force of the breath as it expands through our chest cavity, the seat of our lungs, and heart. When we move with an open heart, kind internal dialogue and a receptive relationship to the breath we experience increasing lightness, ease and joy in our practice.

Vishuddha Ether Throat

Focusing on the element of ether we become aware of the energetic centre of sound vibration, our throat and use movement to explore where and how our physical and subtle bodies receive, experience and attune to the vibration of sound. It is also an opportunity to reflect on how intention can be manifested through the vibration of sound in speech and mantra and to explore the weaving of these intention seeds through our body in our physical practice.

Ajna Light Third Eye

Focusing on the element of light and our clear-sighted vision, we use our asana practice as a tool for focusing and clarifying our mind. We also use our mind as a tool for enhancing our practice. The mind can be a tool for extraordinary illumination or the cause of great confusion and suffering. By working with the qualities of the third eye, by cultivating the observer mind and inviting clear perception and insight we are able to explore how powerfully our physical practice is impacted by the mind.

Sahaswara Crown Embodied Integration

Our crown chakra has no associated element as it is the chakra that integrates all others and brings us into union with the greater whole. Tying it all together, this class explores the concept of shifting energy up the central channel and moving with awareness of the spinal column. We continue to cultivate our observer mind and use each new physical activation as an opportunity to anchor our awareness more deeply into our bodies. In this way we yoke our mind, body and breath together, integrating our different platforms of awareness to experience the deeper meaning of yoga, which is union.


Restorative yoga is a passive, cooling style of yoga where props are used within the poses. This allows for longer holds to be comfortably sustained, supporting the body to open and the mind to drop into a space of deep calm. Excellent for stress reduction, balancing and calming the nervous system, and gently opening the muscles and deeper connective tissues of the body.

Slow Flow

In this pared-down class, movements are simplified and slowed down, offering space to connect with quiet presence and move with grace and intention. While still strong, this class is great for beginners, with time in each posture to focus on alignment and refinement of the shape. Helps to balance the nervous system and mind, circulate energy and create a calm yet energised feeling state.

Introduction to Slow Flow Foundations

Based on our slow flow class but especially suitable for beginners. Sequences and shapes are slowed down even more so they can be carefully workshopped to support the creation of positive alignment patterns and safe practice. A wonderful way to start your yoga journey!


Yin yoga targets the deepest tissues of the body, our connective tissues: ligaments, bones and the deep fascial networks. It also targets our meridian system, moving energy along our networks of energetic pathways. Using a series of long-held, passive floor poses (up to 7 minutes), this deeply relaxing class helps to calm and balance the mind and body, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve flexibility and joint mobility.

Meditation and Pranayama

Pranayama, one of the 8 limbs of the yogic philosophical tree, uses the breath to activate and create effects in the energetic body. By clearing the energetic and pranic pathways, it becomes easier to access deep meditative states. Starting with a talk outlining the conceptual framework for the practice, we then explore different pranayama practices and meditative focuses to move energy through the body, calm and focus the mind, and discover new internal landscapes of wellbeing and bliss.

Meditation, Pranayama & Mantra

Pranayama, one of the 8 limbs of the yogic philosophical tree, uses the breath to activate and create effects in the energetic body. By clearing the energetic and pranic pathways, it becomes easier to access deep meditative states. Starting with a talk outlining the conceptual framework for the practice, we then explore different pranayama practices, mantra chants and meditative focuses to move energy through the body, calm and focus the mind, and discover new internal landscapes of wellbeing and bliss.

One Breath, One Movement

A simple, yet dynamic vinyasa class suitable for both beginner and advanced practitioners. After moving through a broken down basic flow, students are invited to move on their own. Moving through simple flows with the focus on connecting breath with movement will help students go deeper into their individual practice, as well as remove some of the seriousness that we often can bring into our yoga practices. In this class be prepared to sweat and to have fun!

Yin Yang Flow

Like warming up clay so it becomes more malleable, we start with an active and dynamic sequence to melt muscular contractions and build heat in the body then end with a passive extended floor series giving our bodies space to open through gentle, sustained poses. Great for reducing tension in the muscles, transforming stress, balancing the nervous system and falling into states of deep blissful relaxation.


With longer holds in each shape this class gives you the time to quiet the mind, and use the breath to; facilitate alignment, open up space in areas of tension and purify your energetic channels. Great for building strength and cultivating internal heat/tapas, while bringing you into a calm, grounded and present state of awareness.

Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga is a style of yoga, created by and named for Ana T. Forrest in 1982. With longer holding of positions and emphasis on abdominal core work, Forrest Yoga is renowned as a powerfully physical, internally focused practice that allows you to explore how to create space in discomfit, using the breath and awareness to transform unhealthy mental, emotional and physical patterns.

Hansa Flow

A therapeutic & meditative flow practice that is created to support our
natural bio-mechanical actions so you can find more ease in your practice. The practice encourages an inward conversation & a contemplation of rhythm, connectivity & the art of flow. Both soothing & dynamic, this is a class that is suitable for both beginners & regular practitioners who are interested in building more awareness of self.

Power Yoga with Weights

This class incorporates light hand weights with simplified & slower sequences to build strength. With longer holds in each shape there is space to incorporate weight reps while also building integrity in your postures. Wonderful for improving core strength, creating long & lean muscles & promoting safe & stable alignment patterns.

Power Yoga

Like warming up clay so it becomes more malleable, we start the day with an active and dynamic sequence to melt muscular contractions and build heat in the body. This is a strong, challenging and physical class that emphasizes building strength in the body and determination in the mind. Great for fitness, energy and muscular activation.

Hip Hop Yoga

A fast-paced power flow moving to beats of old school hip hop and RNB. These classes are strong and fluid, vinyasa style – moving breath to movement with options to modify. This is an energising practice that will elevate the heart rate and work with the internal heat while taking the ‘seriousness’ out of yoga with a whole lotta fun.

Animal Flow

This is a ground based movement – made fun, challenging and effective. This system is designed to improve strength, power, mobility and coordination for all levels of fitness enthusiasts.

Flight School Flow

This class is for all levels (complete beginner to experienced). We will flow through postures to mobilise and strengthen our bodies to provide a solid groundwork for your inversions such as handstands. Variations will be given depending on your experience. The exercises will make you feel energised whether you go for full variations or not.

Full Moon Flow

When the moon opposes the sun, the magnetic energy created is not only shared by those two cosmic bodies but is also felt within our own.

Because our cells are water and function through electrical impulses, we can react strongly to such powerful energy.

Held once a month, this slow flowing practice brings us grounding energy to bring about balance and harmonise with the natural order of life.

With intention setting to check in and see where we are in our lives – to create things that need to be created and release things standing in our way.

Working with the moon helps us to see that everything is in a constant cycle, it keeps us in a rhythm and flow with nature.

Kundalini Yin

A combination of two powerful yoga practices. We start with kundalini yoga which uses repetitive poses, chanting and the breath to activate our kundalini energy and open our pranic channels. We then expand this new internal spaciousness with some long hold, passive yin stretches, allowing our awakened shakti energy to steep through all layers of our subtle and physical bodies. An energizing and grounding practice which helps to shift stuck energy, increase flexibility and calm the mind.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga that involves chanting, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses. Its purpose is to activate your Kundalini energy, or shakti. This is a spiritual energy that’s said to be located at the base of your spine. This is an energizing practice which helps to open up your pranic channels, release stuck energy, build strength, increase flexibility and calm the mind.

Vinyasa Groove

An experimental class. Warm up using structured shapes within more traditional style Vinyasa sequences. We will then start to free ourselves to explore our range of motion within each shape. This will allow a more fluid style of movement to emerge- releasing stagnant energy and exploring movement from a more organic and creative space.


A dynamic and flowing method of yoga that synchronizes the breath with a progressive series of postures to produce an internal heat designed to purify the body.


Yogalates is a combination of yoga, with its asanas and mindfulness ,and the core-building strength and postural awareness of Pilates. Together they make the perfect East meets West fitness class harnessing the physical and mental benefits of both practices. You will leave feeling energised, calm, strong and stretched in all the right places!

Parents’ and kids yoga

A more relaxed yoga session where parents or carers can attend with their children. Chaos is acceptable and the intention is to have fun as we move together through some poses and mindfulness activities. Suitable for all ages, this is a chance to bond and connect with your child in an inclusive and playful environment.

I was recommended this place and so glad I gave it a try! Just wish I could have spent all of my yoga classes on Gili Air here. The venue is really nice – spacious and airy. The teachers are competent and do a good job of handling the wide range of experience and skill levels in the class, and the cafe is excellent. I would definitely recommend for yogis who are a bit more experienced – even the “slow” classes are taught in a way that you can make them a little more advanced for yourself if you choose to do so.

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Our Studio

Our classes are held either in our treehouse studio with its magical 360-degree, green, leafy outlook, or in our open-air garden studio, which looks on to our magnificent mango tree.

Our Yoga

We supply all props, bolsters, blocks and straps and use natural jute yoga mats. Our teachers are known for their soulful, creative yoga offerings. With an emphasis on embodied, dynamic yoga embedded in philosophical expositions – we aim to guide your mind and spirit as well as your body through asana, facilitating a sense of expansion, deep connection and relaxation on all levels. Our classes will give you the space to fall deeply into embodied awareness, transforming contracted physical and mental habits into increasingly fluid, ease-filled and blissful experiences. We’d love for you to share your practice with us.

Had the pleasure of a week on Gili Air and attending drop-in classes. Emily and Fish were so welcoming and the classes were truly amazing. Exactly what I was hoping for. Beautiful setting, quality teachers, heartfelt classes. Still thinking of the words of wisdom passed on and cannot wait to return.

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Our Classes

Our morning sessions include strong, heat-building styles such as Vinyasa Flow, Yoga with Weights, or strong Slow Flows and our afternoon sessions are gentler, focusing on Yin, Restorative and gentle Slow Flows styles. We also offer a couple of philosophy, pranayama and meditation sessions throughout the week that support an exploration of some of the other branches of yogic systems.

Stay Packages

Throughout the year, we offer yoga-stay packages like our week-long Chakra Activation Journey for those looking to immerse themselves in their practice for more than a session. Connect with us on Instagram or Facebook for the latest updates on class schedules and special events.

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Throughout the year we host visiting teachers or offer our own different workshops, trainings and community events such as our Movie Night, Kirtan, Yoga for Beginners or teacher trainings. Don’t miss our special workshop offerings with Ana Forrest and Jose Calarco in September. Please visit our events page for more information about upcoming workshops and events.

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Private Yoga

Suitable for beginners or advanced students alike, private yoga sessions offer an opportunity to establish a solid foundation in your postures, learn some useful alignment patterns or take your practice to the next level. With one-on-one feedback and support we can tailor a session to meet your personal requirements, whether you want to create a custom-made program, set new practice goals, refine your alignment, learn to modify or adapt postures to accommodate an injury, or progress your more advanced shapes.

Great also for small groups of friends or families that want to have a special session designed just for them.

Please email us at flowersandfireyoga@gmail.com or chat with one of our teachers or our friendly reception staff for more information or to arrange a session.

60 minutes 850,000 IDR one person. Each extra person 100,000 IDR

90 minutes 1 150 000 IDR Each extra person 100,000 IDR

I went to a drop-in morning 7.15 core vinyasa. I’m an intermediate level. The class was everything I was expecting it to be: relaxing and challenging at the same time. The teacher Emily was amazing, very calm and her instructions were very clear. They also have a mini cafe, where you can grab breakfast for 45k. I would definitely visit this place again, if I had the chance.

Amazing Yoga

Yoga Classes

At Flowers and Fire we offer a range of class levels and workshops to accommodate all levels of experience - from first-timers to experienced yogi’s and yogini’s.

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