Flowers & Fire Yoga Yoga Garden – Gili Air

Our food philosophy is that simple, hearty, fresh, healthy, digestible and delicious food is best! But there is always space for good coffee and chocolate!

‘The place we’re staying at @flowersandfireyoga is amazing and they have vegan food cooked with passion and love (no exaggeration). Today I think I ate the best vegan sushi ever at their café.’

Alexandra Andersson, Vegan & Health Advocate and foodblogger @fivesechealth

Expertly Crafted Dining

With a mural of our Flowers & Fire Goddess morphing into a firebird as our café’s backdrop, we welcome you to our beautifully crafted eating and hangout space. Featuring antique furniture teak pieces and details for our doors, benches and furniture, our design intention is to evoke a sense of folk magic. We also serve food and drinks in our stunning garden lounge area if sofas and beanbag cushions are your thing. A squishy furniture-only space, looking out onto our permaculture garden and chatting pool.

Come Hang Out

With plentiful power points, laptop-friendly tables and soft sofas to recline on in both our café/ pool area and permaculture garden lounge, you will have your pick of beautiful chillout spaces to munch, sip, read, relax, work and hang out. Dip into our plunge or chatting pools and connect with friends old and new to solve the mysteries of the cosmos together!

Food for the Soul

With super breakfasts, lunches and evening snacks, we offer a menu that hits the spot, whether you are after something hearty and filling or light and mostly raw. All our meals are super digestible, using only delicious wholefood ingredients to perfectly complement our yoga offerings. The endgame in our kitchen is to make our food as tasty as possible, with balanced textures and flavours, while keeping things minimally processed. We make a point of using mostly vibrant, living foods and making the most of natural flavours so you, your body and tastebuds can sing a merry tune!

Smoothie and Salad Bowl Bar

Create your own delicious smoothie bowl by choosing a base and adding your favourite fruits and superfood toppings, such as goji berries, chia seeds, homemade peanut butter and much more! When it’s savoury goodness you are craving, you can ‘choose your own adventure’ with our salad bowls too. Starting with a raw salad base, you then choose from a wide selection of natural dressings and main-event add-ons such as lentil/falafel patties, tofu/tempeh manis, steamed broccoli, eggplant, and roasted vegetables.

Dietary Requirements

The majority of our menu is vegan and gluten-free, and we are happy to adjust dishes if you have certain allergies. All our food is made from scratch, using whole ingredients. Our bread is homemade, as are our desserts, sauces, spreads and salad dressings. This means we can guarantee they are free from refined sauces, sugars and carbohydrates. When they need a little extra sweetness, we only use natural, whole sweeteners such as coconut nectar, coconut sugar, molasses and honey. If you are sugar free, please ask about a sugar-free alternative such as stevia. Instead of soy sauce we use tamari or braggs, so when we say vegan or gluten free you know we mean it! We’re very proud of our commitment to clean eating and hope to welcome you at our table soon.

Forrest Smoothie Initiative

Every Forrest Smoothie sold by our Cafe Partners plants one tree or protects an acre of rainforest. Regarded as the worlds most sustainable drink, Forest Smoothie is inspiring thousands of people around the world to plant trees. Reforestation is by far our best solution to climate change! – Phillip Dickenson, Founder of Forest Smoothie.

Here at Flowers and Fire we are proud to support this iniative by donating 50% of our profits from each sale of the Forrest Smoothie.

Yoga Classes

At Flowers and Fire we offer a range of class levels and workshops to accommodate all levels of experience - from first-timers to experienced yogi’s and yogini’s.

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