Flowers & Fire Yoga Yoga Garden – Gili Air


How to get here and what to know

From Bali

To get to Flowers & Fire from Bali you will need to get a fastboat over from Padang Bai. There are a few options nearer the airport but Padang Bai is the main harbour gateway to Gili Air. Please allow at least half a day to get here. The shuttle pickup from your hotel in Bali (which is typically included in the fastboat ticket price with the bigger boat companies) will normally be in the morning around 7am and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to get to Padang Bai, depending on your location. The fastboat (most leave at around 9am) from Padang Bai to Gili Air takes just under 2 hours so will get you to the island before midday. There are some fastboats leaving around 11:30am and 1:00 pm as well, though these options are reduced in low season. There are also fastboat options from Amed if you are coming here from the northeast coast. These take about an hour to get to the island. If you need help with organising a transfer and fastboat, you can contact the agent we use who is reliable and offers affordable prices. His name is Gede. His WhatsApp number is +62-812-4669-9885. You can pay him directly in cash on the day. Just let him know you’re staying at Flowers & Fire on Gili Air.

From Lombok

If you are coming from Lombok Praya International Airport you’ll need to get a taxi from there to Bangsal  (takes just under two hours) and then a 15-minute boat ride to Gili Air. We have a great agent that we use who will be able to organise a taxi pickup/boat ride for you and you’ll just need to pay him directly (in cash) on the day. His name is Ikbal and his WhatsApp number is +62-823-4277-5358. Just let him know you’re staying at Flowers & Fire on Gili Air. Once you arrive at the harbour in Gili Air, you head up (north) the main street of Gili Air which is directly ahead of you as you exit the boat and we are about a five-minute walk up that street on the right-hand side (just before you get to the T-junction). It’s an easy stroll.

The Culture

Our community

People and Culture

At Flowers & Fire Yoga Garden, we are delighted to be located right in the heart of the community. Gili Air’s local community is incredibly welcoming and accepting of the different cultural customs of the island’s tourist guests and it is always appreciated when guests have some reciprocal understanding and respect for their customs. As Gili Air is a Muslim island, there is a mosque in the center of the island that broadcasts the call to prayer five times a day. It is normally only about five to 10 minutes in duration, though sometimes a longer sermon is broadcast (normally on Fridays, which is the most significant day of the week in Islam). It can be heard over most of the island but can be quite meditative and a nice reminder to check in. Flowers & Fire Yoga Garden loves that our location offers guests a birdseye view of this unique local community and we enjoy a friendly and respectful relationship with our neighbors. As a way of maintaining good relations, we request that guests be respectful to local cultural and religious sensibilities by not walking/riding a bicycle through the streets in a bikini or crop/midriff tops (for women) or shirtless (for men) – a dress or top/vest and shorts are fine. On the beachfront, bikinis (women) and  shorts (men) are perfectly fine.


What to do, see and explore on our paradise island

A Paradise for Water Babies


You can join a privately chartered boat snorkel tour to three sites and lunch on Gili Meno with a 99 per cent guarantee to see turtles! A tour is easy to book and approx $10USD per person from the many operators along the beachfront. Alternatively, you can get in contact with the ever-smiling Rizal +62 (0) 853 3760 8190 to book a tour in advance. For the more adventurous-minded, you can paddle out in the water directly in front of Legends Bar and continue straight to find the reef beneath you. It is a bit of a swim and you must go beyond where the waves break at the dropoff point to find some beautiful coral gardens. You can rent a mask, snorkel & fins there for 40,000IDR per set.

Scuba Diving

For the mermaids and mermen among us, scuba diving around the Gilis is a must. We recommend 3W Dive, Blue Marlin, Manta or Ocean5. Fun dives are around 450,000IDR if you’re certified, or you can enrol in an open-water course for 5,500,000IDR.

Free Diving

If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the water without hefty tanks or wanting to take your pranayama to the next level, free diving at Freedive Flow is for you. Introductory courses and daily morning dives are offered by the daredevils at Freedive Flow


If you feel like the manta is your spirit animal, the new phenomenon of sub winging (I never saw this before I came to the Gilis and can’t help but giggle at the sight of it) might be your jam. Check out @subwing_gili_islands for more info.

Stand-up paddleboarding

If you want to be in the water but not underwater, there’s always paddleboarding. For $10 to $30USD per person depending on the program you choose, you can paddle around the island. Book in for SUP yoga or a sunset or sunrise tour at Blue Marine

Land-Based Fun


Yoga at Flowers & Fire

With daily drop-in classes and a variety of community events, Flowers & Fire is the spot to start or deepen your yoga practice and connect with like-minded travelLers and locals. Check out our weekly timetable for upcoming special events.

Cooking Classes

If you want an unforgettable Indonesian cooking lesson with the island’s most passionate local chef, don’t miss a cooking class with Hero, the founder of Sunny’s Warung.

Silver Making

Although situated on Gili T, the silver shop next to Oceans 5 hosts silver-making classes for budding metalsmiths.

Learn to make your own Coconut Oil With Feel Lombok

Interact with the local community and learn how to to make your own coconut oil and even take a bottle home with you!

This artisan skill has been passed down the generations – mother to daughter to grand daughter. ⁣Not only will you learn this skill, you’ll also find out about the history of Gili Air and it’s local population which is a mixture of Sasak people from Lombok and Buginese fisherman hailing from Sulawesi. ⁣

Their office is based opposite our centre or you can contact them via Whatsapp: +62 852 3936 5716.


Although wifi can be unreliable around the island, your best bets for stable connection and productive surroundings are Flowers & Fire, Mowies, Captain Coconuts or Breadelicious (Bonus: real croissants! Not gluten-free; though; sorry if you got excited).


Movie Nights

Enjoy our weekly movie night at Flowers & Fire (season dependent)! For other venues with movie nights check out at Captain Coconuts, Raga bar and Villa Ombak.

Salsa Night

The Mexican Kitchen.


Great sunset music sessions at Cheeky Monkeys, Santays, Lucky’s Bar, Pura Vida and the infamous Wednesday-night Legends Party at Legends.


Don’t miss ‘Rock Bingo’ at Shark Bites for a hilariously raucous night of rock music, bingo and laughs (best thing about it is you can legally cheat and Shazam is not banned!). For the more serious trivia buff, The Waterfront next to Manta Dive has a trivia night every Saturday where mobile phones are banned so the answers must come from your team’s memory banks not Google! Still a lot of laughs and revelry.

Darts and Games Nights

Pockets and Pints is like Gili Air’s local pub, where you can always meet other travellers, have a laugh, and chat and participate in one of their fun games contests!


Food Foraging & Monkey Forest Tour/ Waterfall Tours

This hiking tour takes you deep into the jungle and teaches you to forage for food like the locals – busting coconuts. Your local guide Ikbal finds a fine balance between being informative and extremely entertaining. Contact Ikbal about a range of other different tours such as Lombok Waterfall Hikes. Approximately US$25-30 per person. WhatsApp: +62 (0) 823 4277 5358.@myforestadventure on Facebook

Feel Lombok is a family ran Tour Company based in Lombok with an office located directly opposite the centre. Feel Lombok offers the perfect blend of adventure and leisure and in addition your journey’s contribution helps to develop the English Club that they set up in a rural Lombok village.

Whatsapp: +62 852 3936 5716. Email:

Pirate’s Bay Cruising organize luxury, customized, multi-day adventure cruises with a full live aboard experience around the islands, to Komodo and beyond. It is approximately EU 175 per day. or @privatesbaycruising

The Foodie Scene

To eat/munch

Flowers & Fire Wholefoods Café

Our very own wholefoods café is famous for its smoothie and salad bowls and for making even the healthiest dishes wickedly tasty. Open until 7pm.

Pacha Mama

Creative culinary dishes with no-wifi policy.

Musa Cookery

Vegan food restaurant with minimal design aesthetic.

Captain Coconuts

Beautifully designed space where you can chill out all day around the pool. Delicious wholefoods to accommodate many dietary requirements.

Gili Bliss

Vibrant smoothie bowls and other yummy healthy options.

Aura Bowls

Incredible smoothie bowls and delicious local food dishes.

Beachfront Eats


Great drinks and bites served to you while you recline on beanbags on the beach.

Mexican Kitchen

If you’re going for the carbs, you’d better do it right with MK’s tacos and wash it down with one of the best jamus in town.

Mama’s Kitchen

Authentic Italian pizzas.


Super-chilled vibe and some great Thai food on the menu (the pad thai is delish) as well as many local dishes. Also one of the only places where you can get a great cup of chai.

Dolce Mare

Just off the beach front but incredible authentic Italian cuisine and great wines if you want to spoil yourself for a special occasion.


One of the most beautiful spots on the island to chill and enjoy paradise.


A Gili Air institution. Chillout offers some of the best swimming (from the beach in front) and one of the best night-time seafood BBQs on the island. Try the tempeh kebab for something surprisingly delicious.

Biba Beach

Authentic Italian food served under the stars, homemade pasta, top-rated pizza and local food options. There is something for everyone on the menu here.

Local Delicacies

Sunny’s Warung

A must-visit for the incredible hospitality and local/fusion food creations by passionate chef and owner Hero. Don’t miss the Lombok burrito!

Warung Parida

Affordable with a big range of local nasi campur. Your best shot at late-night food if everything else is closed.

Warung Muslim

A favourite of both visitors and locals,  Warung Muslim serves traditional sasak dishes.

Oh la la Cafe

Beautifully presented local food creations with a modern twist.

Firda Warung

We have only heard amazing things about this local gem.

Warung Bambu

Try their delicious currys or yummy Murtabaks. Extremely tasty, well priced food, served with a smile.

Yoga Classes

At Flowers and Fire we offer a range of class levels and workshops to accommodate all levels of experience - from first-timers to experienced yogi’s and yogini’s.

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