Flowers & Fire Yoga Yoga Garden – Gili Air

Accommodation options

If you are looking for accommodation during your visit to Gili Air we do have rooms available at Flowers and Fire.

Our rooms and traditional Lumbung style bungalows offer a place to stay surrounded by nature and organic materials without compromising on comfort. We offer shared accommodation as well as private rooms (twin and king bed configurations).

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The Island

With turquoise waters and stunning reefs, perfect views for sunsets and sunrises, and laidback vibes, Gili Air is lovingly referred to as the paradise island. With no motorised vehicles to disturb the peace and beachfront only a 20-minute walk in any direction, Gili Air lives up to that name with ease.

At Flowers & Fire Yoga Garden, we are delighted to be located right in the heart of the community. Gili Air’s local community is incredibly welcoming and accepting of the different cultural customs of the island’s tourist guests and it is always appreciated when guests have some reciprocal understanding and respect for their customs. As Gili Air is a Muslim island, there is a mosque in the center of the island that broadcasts the call to prayer five times a day. It is normally only about five to 10 minutes in duration, though sometimes a longer sermon is broadcast (normally on Fridays, which is the most significant day of the week in Islam). It can be heard over most of the island but can be quite meditative and a nice reminder to check in.

How to get here from Bali

To get to Flowers & Fire from Bali you will need to get a fastboat over from Padang Bai. There are a few options nearer the airport but Padang Bai is the main harbour gateway to Gili Air. Please allow at least half a day to get here. The shuttle pickup from your hotel in Bali (which is typically included in the fastboat ticket price with the bigger boat companies) will normally be in the morning around 7am and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to get to Padang Bai, depending on your location. The fastboat (most leave at around 9am) from Padang Bai to Gili Air takes just under 2 hours so will get you to the island before midday. There are some fastboats leaving around 11:30am and 1:00 pm as well, though these options are reduced in low season.

How to get here from Lombok

If you are coming from Lombok Praya International Airport you’ll need to get a taxi from there to Bangsal  (takes just under two hours) and then a 15-minute boat ride to Gili Air. We have a great agent that we use who will be able to organise a taxi pickup/boat ride for you and you’ll just need to pay him directly (in cash) on the day. His name is Ikbal and his WhatsApp number is +62-823-4277-5358.  Once you arrive at the harbour in Gili Air, you head up (north) the main street of Gili Air which is directly ahead of you as you exit the boat and we are about a five-minute walk up that street on the right-hand side (just before you get to the T-junction). It’s an easy stroll.

Our Café

Our vegetarian wholefoods Flowers & Fire Café serves natural and delicious wholefood creations with plenty of fresh, minimally processed and enzyme-rich ingredients. You have the option to customise, too, with your favourite fruit, veggies and superfood top-offs.

Our food philosophy is that simple, hearty, fresh, healthy, digestible and delicious food is best! But there is always space for good coffee and chocolate!

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Yoga Classes

At Flowers and Fire we offer a range of class levels and workshops to accommodate all levels of experience - from first-timers to experienced yogi’s and yogini’s.

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