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‘Retrieving the Divine Feminine

June 8th-14th 2020

Come and join Aimee Pedersen and Emily Christian, June 8th-14th 2020, on the paradise island of Gili Air, for a week of exploration using our body and its creative expression, to return to the wholeness of life and our connection to ‘all’ in this sacred women’s retreat,

Throughout history women have gathered together to hold space for each other. We have sat in circles and felt the power of that medicine. To gather once more in the circle is to activate our journey back to living the healed feminine. As women, as embodiment of Goddess, we hold within each of us an innate understanding of the cycles of our being and their connection to the cycles of our world. These mysteries are held within the very cells of our bodies.

The beauty and power of the Divine Feminine is all around and within us, deeply interconnecting us to the earth that holds us, and all life forms that share community around us. Retrieving her, invites us into a remembering of our identity as part of life’s weave. It is an invitation to come back to the circle so together we may open our hearts, minds and bodies to the wisdom we each hold within our scared architecture of womanhood.

According to Maria Gimbutus, in old Europe, the goddess was life itself in all her variety. She was the light giver, the death Wielder, the regeneratrix and igniter of fertility. Life was not divorced from death, and death lead to regeneration of life.

An endless cycle turning like the moon.

When we begin to experience ourselves as part of this Divine Wholeness and understand our interconnectedness to all things, we release fears, suffering and personal neurosis created by our illusionary identification with separation and un-examined ‘preferences’. This experience of separation limits our capacity to create and manifest as we strangle our process through limited and narrow self concepts and prejudices’. We also lose our ability to access the collective conscious to inspire and energize our idea seeds. When we learn to harness the power of the divine feminine and expand our identity so we feel one with life, we increase our potency, everything becomes possible and manifestation works like magic.

Join Aimee Pedersen and Emily Christian for this retreat where we will honour the sacred feminine principle, personified by the goddesses of the yogic tradition, allowing us a pathway to explore the full potency of our feminine energies within.  Each Goddess symbolises particular energies within the field of absolute Consciousness. Through calling upon Goddess frequencies such as Durga: inner strength and protection, Lakshmi: abundant radiance and love, Saraswati: wisdom and creative expression, and Kali: revolution and spiritual growth, we can reclaim our sacred female power and awaken to all that we are! When we work with them the aim is always for the liberation of ourselves and of all beings.

 To embody the goddess is to meet both our inner and outer worlds with more richness and delight!

On this retreat we will start to embody these different Divine Feminine frequencies through transformational asana, storytelling, meditation, breath-work, dance, visualization, drawing, ritual, kirtan chanting, creating community, nourishing whole foods, and merging with ocean and land. Through these practices we will explore the different aspects of ‘The Goddess’ and express these creatively. The more we learn to allow the divine feminine to be expressed through us, the more empowered we become to co-create with her the rich, connected, heart filled and magically abundant reality our soul yearns for.

In order to create an intimate and safe container for this work, numbers will be limited, so please contact us for any early expressions of interest or to book a place




Each day we will explore a different aspect of Feminine Energy, through movement, yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, story, art making and creative visualization among other processes. We will end each day with a completion ritual to activate the process.

Most days there will be optional early morning sunrise sessions, and also evening gatherings. These will be totally optional as an important part of the work is having space to regenerate and integrate the sessions in a way that works best for your energies.

(Please note that this sample schedule is only indicative and each day will be a little different)

5.45 -6.30am Optional sunrise meditation (most days)
7-9am Yoga and meditation session– embodying the Goddess energy of the day
9am Breakfast
10am -1pm Creative deep dive/Dharma Talks-Philosophy Talk or Creative processes session- visualization, painting, vision boarding, storytelling
1pm lunch
1.30-4.30pm Optional free time, or you can choose to stay in the space and continue with your creative work independently.
4.30-6pm Afternoon movement session– depending on the flavour of the day this may include- gentle yoga, dance, dynamic meditation, kirtan, pranic energy work
6pm Evening days end ritual– sometimes at the studio, sometimes at sunset
7pm Dinner
7.30pm Optional Evening Sessions. (most days) These may include movie night, dancing, story telling soiree, star gazing adventure, singing bowl meditation.

PricesEarly Bird pricing until April 8th

4 bed share room (4 single beds)

Early bird $750 USD per person

Full Price $850 USD per person

Triple Share-Deluxe king Bungalow with loft (2 single beds, one queen bed in Loft)

Early bird $900 USD per person

Full Price $990 USD per person


Twin share –Deluxe King Bungalow (2 single beds)

Early bird $990 USD per person

Full Price $1110 USD per person


Private Queen ( 1 queen bed)

Early bird $1250 USD per person

Full Price $1350 USD per person

Price includes

  • 6 nights accommodation
  • All meals (including lunch and dinner day of arrival, breakfast and lunch day of departure)
  • Snorkelling with turtles
  • All group classes, activities and sessions
  • All art materials
  • Free drinking water
  • Use of all props and mats in the studio
  • WIFI in rooms and around the centre
  • Unlimited Tea and Lombok Coffee

In order to create an intimate and safe container for this work, numbers will be limited, so please contact us for any early expressions of interest or to book a place


Aimee Pedersen

Aimee’s true awakening in yoga came through the practice of Embodied Flow with Tara Judelle and Scott Lyons. Deeply enriched by the teachings of Saiva Tantra, it felt like a homecoming, an incredible map towards the discovery of her true nature – the deepest promise of yoga.

“We have the same technology the ancient yogis had in their pursuit of self realisation: our bodies. Practising yoga dissolves boundaries, and connects us to nature, other beings and with Consciousness itself. We move from the suffering created by misperceptions, to the truth of our profound relationship with life.”

It is Aimee’s experience that yoga is so much more than an individual pursuit to master poses. It’s the catalyst for an upshift in our awareness as individuals, pouring back into the unified whole as a service to humanity.

Aimee’s classes are imbued with her training in embryology and its influence on movement and her continuing study of Saiva Tantra with Paul Muller-Ortega and Christopher Wallis. Most recently Aimee has trained with Mark Breadner and continues to be mentored by him. She is passionate about sharing the science of yoga she has learnt under his guidance.


Emily Christian

Born to parents who were dedicated Iyengar yogis, I remember waking up most days to my parents doing headstands in the kitchen and trying to copy them. When I started formally practicing as an early teen, I had a familiarity with the poses, but I don’t remember when I first learnt them. My mother, Chardi Christian, also bred me on a diet of myth and story from as long as I can remember. When her work started to focus more on the divine feminine I too was introduced to ‘The Goddess’ and her many aspects. As a result my relationship with Yoga was always evolving hand in hand with my relationship to the archetypal power of ‘The Feminine’.

I have fond memories of coming home from school to women sitting around our kitchen table, sewing, laughing, crying, telling stories. Or of having to sneak in the house quietly, tip toeing around sage smoke smudging and shaman drums beating (often arhythmically, ha ha) as there was a women’s ritual going on. Coming into my woman hood during those wild and woolly teenage years, I am so grateful for the community of women she worked with and the mentoring and love they provided for me. I know that so much of my intuitive sense of how to create, how to teach creativity, facilitate and hold space was developed during those early years absorbing the energy of mum’s work.

While I feel like I have always had Yoga around me, my early spiritual practice was most influenced by goddess work and my sense of Yoga was more in terms of physical Asana. As my practice developed in my 20s I started learning more about Yoga’s philosophical container while working with teachers from the Satchidananda lineage and I fell in love with the possibilities of the practice. In my early 30s I started to encounter more flow style, dialogue rich forms of Yoga and that is when my love affair became a committed relationship.

Since then I have trained with and been inspired by many other incredible teachers coming from a multitude of different lineages, such as Tara Judelle, Aimee Pedersen, Shiva Rea, Ana Forrest, Pixie Lillas and Marybeth Zang. This has formed a rich and complex weave to my Yoga tapestry.

The core existential concepts informing my teachings come out of a non-dualistic, Tantric lineage that conceives of the material world and the body as an expression of divine consciousness. The spiritual journey for me is essentially a journey of integrating and embodying all aspects of the human experience, thereby coming home to the divine truth of our nature. In terms of personifying this divine truth, I tend to work more with Hindu Gods and Goddesses (Believe me I pestered them endlessly for help in the creation of Flowers and Fire!!!) however ultimately it is my experience that illumination is available through a multitude of conceptual and physical vehicles and forms.

In short, having experienced the transformative power of a diverse range of approaches and lineages, and with an equally varied professional background in education, textile art, costume design, somatic therapies, and a brief stint as professional story teller, my aim as founder and creative director of Flowers and Fire Yoga, is to weave together the disciplines of Yoga, prayer, meditation and creative manifestation to support the transformative journey towards a more graceful, mindful and creative state of well-being.

In order to create an intimate and safe container for this work, numbers will be limited, so please contact us for any early expressions of interest or to book a place


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