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One of our favourite brands to support is Widia’s brand of natural soaps, lip balms and body butters. Originating from Bali – Widia is a humble company ran by a local female entrepreneur who creates handmade soaps and balms made from Virgin Coconut oil and Herbs. The Widia range is completely plastic-free and the woven packaging and metal tins are made by women in her local community.

We stock:

  • Lip Balm
  • Body Butter
  • MassageOil
  • Large & Small Soap

Ming Herbs

Ming Herbs supports long-term health and well being through the creation of Herbal formulas based on over 15 years of applied herbology research. These herbal formulas cover an extensive range of well being requirements with detoxing, herbal cleanses and hormone balancing capsules. Specializing in detox packages which cleanse and nourish the bodies major organ systems, they also have created many additional support formulas ranging from adrenal, hormone and thyroid balancers, immune boosters, sleep supports, parasite cleansers (for the unfortunate Bali Belly) as well as their arguably most popular product, the aphrodisiac, ‘Happy Woman’ (for all the people with special ladies out there) amoung many more.

We stock:

  • Pancreas Health
  • Joint Health
  • Endocrine Heakth
  • Mental Focus
  • Adrenal Builder
  • Calm
  • Anti Parasite
  • Thyroid Support
  • Life Force
  • Immune Support
  • Happy Woman
  • Female Balance 1&2
  • Kidney Cleanse
  • Colon Cleanse
  • Lymph Detox
  • Liver & Blood Health
  • Sound Sleep


Sukime is 100% natural, Eco-friendly and Cruelty-free. All products are vegan and include wild-grown superfood ingredients. Their founder Tim believes you should not put anything on your skin that you would not eat and has followed that principle throughout his entire range. Protect and nourish your body inside and out with their 7 essential sprays as well as their Shampoo & Soap Bars. What’s unique about their travel shampoo & soap bars is that you can break off a piece one by one (like a chocolate bar) to avoid a sticky mess while traveling!

We stock:

  •  Mineral Reef Safe Suncreen
  • Deodorant (which doubles up as a breath freshener
  • Magnesium Oil (amazing to soothe tired magnesium deficient muscles)
  •  Tooth & Gum Oil
  • Yoga/Meditation Spray
  • Mosquito Repellent Spray
  • Face Serum

Live Essences Face Serum

An amazing face serum naturally made from herbs, organic fruits and wild roots rich in essential vitamins, precious minerals, antioxidants and probiotics, for a healthy lifestyle. With extracted probiotics that naturally eat all the negative free radicals on your face. This innovative product uses natural coconut oil and its incredible for vibrant, fresh, healthy live skin.

Live Essences wellness shots are available in our Wholefoods Cafe. Live Essences wellness shots are 100% chemical free, made with blends of herbs, fruit and wild roots rich in natural vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. All ingredients are matched to complement and reinforce their specific properties and to maximise their overall bio-availability

Yoga Mats

We stock the same beautiful jute mats we use in our studio, in a range of different colours as well as thinner, light weight travel mats.

Bali Vegan Cookbook.

This vegan cookbook shows you where to find the best tasting and the healthiest vegan restaurants in and around Bali.

Over 150 plus secret recipes (until now) have been shared by the best restaurants serving modern & healthy vegan food!

Recipes come with a benefit box that highlights certain ingredients and their health benefits. Learn what to eat, how to make it and why it is good for you.

Sprinkled with quotes and facts about the health benefits of a plant based diet for our body and the planet. It is for those who love to eat, who love to travel, who love to cook, who love Bali, who love animals and who love themselves.



Yoga Classes

At Flowers and Fire we offer a range of class levels and workshops to accommodate all levels of experience - from first-timers to experienced yogi’s and yogini’s.

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