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Cosmic Earth Vessel

The human body is one of the most complex, exotic and beautiful structures in the known universe. Most of the atoms in your body were forged billions of years ago as massive stars died in huge supernova explosions, scattering them through the galaxy. Everything that is now you was once star dust. Among the atomic elements that made up this star dust, are incredibly rare sets of elements, relative to the makeup of the universe, formed in rare circumstances. Most of the universe consists of plain old Hydrogen and Helium. But not us!

The implications of this are that by sitting in your body right now, you are hanging out in the VIP lounge of the periodic table. Just having a body on this incredible, rare planet, is so exceptional that no one with any sense of the odds would have betted on it. That alone makes you a super winner in the game of cosmic chance. Gratitude practices can powerfully start with this. I have a body. That’s epic. I exist in a cosmically rare, mind-blowingly complex physical sheath on a cosmically rare, mind-blowingly complex, life filled planet. Holy moly. I share a planet with a whole bunch of fellow champions of chance. My deepest hope is that we still have time, collectively as species, to let chance know, we were worth the bet. 

My dad David Christian wrote the most wonderful book called ‘Origin Story’ Mapping this great cosmic passage from an exploding singularity approx 13.8 billion years ago to the incredible coalescence of complex atomic information that makes up the earth vessel you are sitting in now as you read this post. Bill Gates recommended it last year in his top 5 Summer reads.  Just sayin’! If its good enough for Bill… you know!!! ha ha!!   


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