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Never Give up Keep Letting go

The yoga sutras of Patangali spend a lot of time exposing on the idea of balancing; doing and allowing, Abhyasa and Vairagya. 1.12-1.16.

Abhyasa is single pointed focus, practice, determination, when we make an effort to keep the mind on an object or action or goal. We need this intentional dedication, heat, tapas, discipline to do stuff like make the beautiful shape in this picture. Vairagya on the other hand is the surrendering of any attachment to the out come of our efforts. This balancing act according to Alan Finger ‘allows our consciousness to take action in the world without attachment…without getting entangled in its interactions’ Alan Finger ‘Tantra of the Yoga Sutras’

What’s the obsession with non attachment? Because attachment to outcome can get us stuck and our capacity to manifest becomes limited to our narrow egoic self concepts. Expectations, especially when not met, are a great cause of suffering and can freeze that magic space in creation, where grace and miracles enter the process. Intention and action are important, but the balancing of this with allowing and surrendering is key to creating happiness and higher purpose in life. Or as Mark Breadner http://markbreadner.com/sums up so beautifully ‘Never give up, keep letting go’

Photo by @michellequirogawellness

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