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The Divine will Find you in Still Spaces

‘yogas chitta vritti nirodha’ Yoga is the experience when we cease the movements/fluctuations of consciousness
Sutra 1.2 from Patanjali’s collection of aphorisms that codify the philosophical system of yoga.

We often think of samadhi (the ultimate aim of yoga when our mind moves out of duality and we experience our deeper identity as one with the unified field) as something that we need to quest for, to puzzle out. Actually the experience of samadhi just happens when we can bring our mind into stillness. When we can cease the fluctuations of the thought stream so awareness can focus and rest in the space of no mind. It’s then that magic happens. Then we can expand into the bliss of our true nature. Then we can feel ourselves as a fluid and porous, continuation of the pulsing fabric of the cosmos. Yum! 

When we use Asana as a moving meditation it can be a powerful tool to train the mind in the practice of this stillness.

Photo by @tomash_strnad

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